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Yin and Yang Within the Hebrew Bible:

A Pathway for Integrating East and West

Rabbi Monty Eliasov and Sandi Wilcox, LPC

Friday, September, 13, 2019 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Doors Open at 6:30 for Meet & Greet + Snacks

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Jung identified society’s task following two world wars as valuing the feminine archetype of divinity recognized in the Jewish tradition as Shekhinah. Early Jewish sages especially honored Shekhinah as the very presence of the Divine among us hidden in all aspects of the material world.  Integrating these feminine aspects of God together with the divine masculine, in Jung’s view, could bring balance and healing to society.

Rabbi Monty Eliasov will guide participants in exploring some of the less known imagery in the Hebrew sacred texts which lead us to Shekhinah and Sophia, Spirit and Daughter, Chi and Aurah, and the Dao or “The Way.” We will also imagine how this balancing of the Yin and Yang aspects of the Divine within each of us can bring individuation and balance.

Rabbi Monty Eliasov, was born in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and came to the United States at the age of sixteen to study rabbinic literature at the Telshe Yeshiva Talmudic Academy in Wickliffe, Ohio. He has M.A. in Rabbinic Literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary.  He learned about the Dao from the Ohashi Institute in NYC, and learned about Jung taking four superb courses in the Transpersonal Psychology program at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO.  He served for years as religious educational director in synagogue schools and then went on to study kabbalah and neo-chassidic song-prayer forms to develop a method of study he calls “KabbalaHebrew.”  He is the founding Director of the Twelve Tribe Torah Institute which explores the history surrounding the Thirteen Tribes, and has been serving for twenty years as rabbi at Congregation Shalom Rav (formerly the “Heart of Texas Havurah”), a Jewish Reconstructionist congregation in Austin.

Sandi Wilcox, LPC, is a retired Lutheran minister and now has a private counseling practice in northeast Austin.  Her Masters in Depth Psychology is from Pacifica Graduate Institute.  She has a longtime interest in the sacred feminine.

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