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The Place and Power of Mortal/Moral Wounding

Lecture: Friday 30 November

7:00- 9:00 pm

Afflictions and dismemberments come in a myriad of forms. At times bodily wounds, dismemberments, markings and scarrings imprint us with suffering and pain, both in the events and in their memories. At other times we may feel morally wounded, especially when our lives become dissonant, at odds with the myth we are living and the challenges every day living may impose on us. Moral wounding can also happen to a nation as well as to an individual and some have expressed that this is what they feel when they turn on the news. So we will explore both of these realms with an eye to voicing our own territories of woundedness.

Workshop/Writing Retreat: Saturday 1 December

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

We will look at poetry as well as our personal experiences to identify and give expression to what has occurred to us in wounding others and in being wounded both mortally and morally. Giving language and voice to these experiences is itself a healing mode of comprehension. Bring a notebook or a journal so we can explore this difficult but rich and ultimately useful realm in our lives by writing in the slower, more meditative mode of cursive writing.



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